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Classes (Multi-sessions)

Introduction to Medieval/Classical Astrology
A 5-session series that introduces the basics of Classical/Medieval Astrology. Covered topics: the nature of the planets and signs, essential dignities (the relationship between the planets and the signs), rulership (including almutens), basic house delineation, accidental dignities, and more. This series may be extended one or two classes if desired to cover related topics such as temperament and medical issues. Example charts come from students in the class or famous people.
There is a five-person minimum to run this class. If travel is more than an hour from my home, the minimum is 6.

Continuing Medieval Astrology
This course picks up where the previous one left off, and explores more in depth issues in natal astrology, and presents a brief introduction to Horary, Electional, Event, and Weather astrology. The number of sessions can be tailored to the class, but the minimum is three sessions.

Design Your Own Class
Any specific astrological topic(s) with a three-session minimum. This is the perfect opportunity to focus more on Horary, Electional, Advanced Natal Techniques, etc.

Single-session workshops for modern astrologers or non-astrologers

(which doesn't mean to imply that modern astrologers are not astrologers;
simply that the methods presented are not found in modern texts, and will be un to known to most modern style astrologers)

Ze Old Vays Are Ze Good Vays (or Introduction to Medieval Astrology) (60-90 min)

Since the Enlightenment, when the Western astrological tradition was broken, astrologers have struggled to understand and use a system that was no longer understood, and didn’t seem to work very well. In astrology’s recent comeback, the focus has been mostly on psychological interpretation, but it was prediction that was the focus of traditional astrology for nearly two millennia. Today, there are a handful of astrologers who are recovering these ancient traditions as they were once practiced, and a renewed focus on predicting. This workshop will present a brief history of Western astrology with special attention paid to the differences between classical/medieval vs. modern traditions. I will also (re)connect the Western Astrological Tradition to the Eastern (Hindu) Astrological Tradition. I will also explain why this is a particularly appropriate type of astrology for the pagan community. No prior astrological knowledge is necessary.

Hey Baby, What’s Your (Rising) Sign? (60-90 min)

Almost everyone knows what “sign” they are. Sun-sign, that is. But traditionally, the sun sign has very little to do with an individual’s personality. The Rising Sign, or Ascendent, is the most determinative factor in a person’s health, happiness, physical body and personality. In this workshop, we’ll look at why this is, and what it means for people. We’ll also talk a bit about how the sun-sign came to be thought of as more significant than the rising sign. We will examine the charts of as many participants as possible in the time we have. If you have your chart, bring it; if you know your time and place of birth, I may be able to provide your chart during the workshop. No prior astrological knowledge is necessary.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water – What’s Your Temperament? (90-120 min)

Most of us are familiar with the four major elements that come mainly from Mediterranean paganism and philosophy. But these elements are also the basic astrological building blocks in delineating an individual’s “temperament,” which determines personality and health prospects, as well as establishes a basis for predicting how someone will respond throughout their whole life to ongoing astrological influences. In this workshop, we’ll look at how these simple building blocks come together in a person’s astrological chart and how to do basic prediction with them. We will examine the charts of as many participants as possible in the time we have. If you have your chart, bring it; if you know your time and place of birth, I may be able to provide your chart during the workshop. No prior astrological knowledge is necessary.

New for 2010!

Time is on My Side (yes it is!)
Astrology is all about timing. But even astrologers are guilty of ignoring the opportunities that we have to work in sync with cosmic timing, rather than working against it. Whether you’re interested in when to begin a new project, take a trip, apply for that job; or when to plan your next ritual or work magic, astrology may be your hidden key to success. In this talk, you’ll learn simple techniques for smarter planning. No previous astrological knowledge required. Handouts will be provided. Bring a pen and paper.

Note: the following talk is rated PG-13 or R (the title is far racier than the content). It can be kept at the PG-13 level and retitled "A Trip to the Fun House" if that is more appropriate for your festival or event.

Fun in the Whore House

There are lots of books published about astrology, sex and love. Since most of them are crap, and pure invention of the authors, where does a poor pagan go to find out about love, sex, and all kinds of fun? To the Fifth House, of course! Come find out what classical astrology can tell you about your ability to have fun, find love, and take a walk on the wild side! No previous astrological knowledge is necessary.

You’re Not the Boss of Me! (Intro to Medieval Astrology 2-Rulership and Dignity)

Understanding the relationship between Planets, Signs, and Houses is key to delineating a chart and beginning to make predictions. While modern astrologers are familiar with what planet “rules” what sign, and even where planets are exalted in the zodiac, once upon a time, there were five levels of rulership, not just one or two. These different levels provide a wealth of insight into how the planets function in a chart, and why some of your planets “work” well when modern astrology says they won’t. We will also discuss the “modern sign rulers” Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Handouts will be provided. Beginners and experienced astrologers welcome, though a prior basic knowledge of astrology is helpful.

Stop Looking At Me!!! Aspects in Astrology

The aspects are one of the fundamental building blocks of astrology, yet many are confused about how to use them and what they really mean. Most modern books on the subject aren't very clear, and may even make matters worse. The word "aspect" actually means "to look at". So what does it mean for planets to "look at" one another in an astrology chart? This workshop presents the original meanings of the aspects, going back for nearly two thousand years, in a clear manner, so that anyone can start to use them right away. No previous astrology is required.


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