Christopher A. LaFond, Astrologer

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Astrology is one of the oldest esoteric systems of knowledge known to humanity, and predates most currently-known methods of divination. Many other esoteric tools, such as the Tarot, are based at least in part on astrology.

At the very moment you were born, the planets and stars were aligned with your location of birth in a unique way. By casting astrological charts and interpreting these alignments, an experienced astrologer can compare current planetary influences with your own birth promise, producing forecasts and predictions for your current situations as well as for the future.


It is precisely the role of astrology to help you determine exactly how much of what is happening in your life is fated, and how much of it is freely chosen. The more conscious we become, the less fate has a hold over us, and the more free will we are able to exercise. An astrologer can help you to work in harmony with the forces in the universe, instead of trying to go against the flow.


Have you ever read a pop astrology book that told you to stay away from a certain Sun-sign, yet you seemed to get along great with those people? Or have you read your horoscope in the newspaper, where you get the same forecast as everyone else who was born the same month of the year as you? That's one-twelfth of the people on the planet! Some days it may be right on, and other days it doesn't say anything about your life at all. Obviously, there are more influences in our lives than just the Sun, and an experienced astrologer can help decipher and deal with all of the nuances that go into making up your individuality.


There are many varieties of astrology, with Natal (birth) Astrology being the most popular. But astrologers can also help you to select the most propitious time for beginning important actions: getting married, opening a new business, going on a trip, holding conferences, etc. This is called Electional Astrology.

Astrologers can also help you with puzzling and immediate questions, such as Where did I lose my keys? Will I get the new job? or Will I marry Frank? This is called Horary Astrology.

Relationship Astrology is also very popular. The astrologer compares the natal charts of two or more people in order to bring into the light certain issues of compatibility, pointing out sources of strength to be used and enjoyed, and sources of conflict to be worked through or avoided if necessary.


Christopher LaFond is an experienced Astrologer and Psychic Counselor who works, teaches, and lectures regularly on Cape Cod and in the Boston area. He is a certified astrologer by the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) and has lectured on astrological topics at both local and international conventions.

Chris has worked as an astrologer and psychic reader at shops all over Cape Cod, as well as in Boston. He uses a combination of classical, medieval, and modern methods in his astrological work. Chris holds an M.A. and a B.A. from Boston College and is a Professor of Spanish there.

In addition to astrological readings, Chris offers psychic readings using Tarot, the Druid Animal Oracle, and other tools. He is known for his clear and direct presentation both in readings and classes.
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Clients are encouraged to bring a blank cassette tape to record the astrological reading.